I’m Sooo Ready..



Our followers know I’m getting myself excited to pound the hell out of the wifey’s shitbox! I’m soooo ready to lube her up and feel her butthole expand as my cock slides in. And I sooo can’t wait to feel when she’s totally relaxed and she’s ready to start taking her anal pounding hard! I’m soooo ready for her asshole to get totally relaxed when I feel her cummm for the first..second..and third times! I’m sooo ready to gape her brown eye and fill the room with ass aroma!..I’m sooo ready to bust a load deep in her ass and watch it flow out and drip on the sheets! I’m sooo ready for her to sit there afterward and drink her cup of coffee as her anal creampie drips from her ruined asshole into her panties! I’m sooo ready! 

I love the Xmas season. Having friends and family over. Kids opening presents. I can’t lie, I look forward to opening presents too. But there’s always one present I look forward to opening the most! It’s the same one every year..the wifeys little butthole!

Merry Xmas to all our fans and followers! Have a safe holiday weekend. HO HO HOOO!!

Mmmmmm reminds me of the wifey when she goes to spread her legs,…

Mmmmmm reminds me of the wifey when she goes to spread her legs, cause lets face it, she wants to see it penetrate her browneye too!